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Originally Posted by urbanati View Post
Hi Filip,

this is my son playing here:

Were you as good as him back then?
He would like to know, how much did you practice and compete when you were his age? Did you ever play orange or green balls? Were you always the best at your age group in Canada?
He wishes you good luck on the tour and will cheer for you!
First of all I didn't play tournaments until I was about 9, or maybe even 10. He seems like he's played quite a few, so he's definitely ahead of me in that regard. He's also a lot more consistent than I was. I used to go for winners and rush the net a lot so I had a lot of unforced errors. I hit the ball harder than he did, especially off the backhand. He probably would have beaten me at that age.

I don't remember exactly how much I practiced at his age, but I think it was anywhere from 1-5 times a week.

I wasn't always the best in my age group, had trouble winning matches that I "should" have won based on my level, partially due to the lack of match toughness. I didn't have enough tournaments on my schedule back when I was younger. I've won u14, u16, and u18 nationals, and made finals of the 12s, but until I was about 16 there were still guys my age ranked ahead of me sometimes.

I don't remember ever playing with the softer balls. I'm quite sure I've always used regular ones.
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