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I been finding I can only concentrate for 30 mins per match.
I "rest " between points.
so even if it's a 2 hours match, the total time I" really in the point" is just the time before the point ,during the point , and just a bit of time after the point.
When I walk into position i can think about anything else but tennis

My ritual is to hold my racket at the throat with my right hand and walk to gather balls.
This saves up a lot of mental and physical energy and direct it when you need it most, during the point not in between.
Once im in position, I hold the racquet at the handle, that is the trigger that Im in the point.
I use to just tap the racquet frame with my right hand but that's not enough.

Now to make myself more feel fully prepared :
For the return of serve I will twirl then split step and when I land I feel like I got full control with my right hand grip.
When Im about to serve, i might have to twirl with my right hand only (rather than both hands as in my ROS), to get the right feel for my racket hand grip. I like to bounce the ball to get my toss arm involved particulary on the ad side serving.
I been having issues bouncing properly on the deuce side serving, however , I will try to cup the ball at the end of the dribble to smooth out my rhythm.

After my serve and ROS, I try to regrip by using my left hegu type grip and holding the butt end with my right hand so my right thenar muscles match up together , I pretty much direct my racquet with my left hand during the rally point rather than my right (which I use for my serve and ROS)
The twirl action is opposite direction of that for my serve and ROS grip.

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