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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
A very close friend of mine lost to Cash at the RG junior semis
Cash played so damn well at the 1987 Wimbledon
Maybe only Becker could have beaten him but Boris lost in the first round
He had an amazing body, as well as great volleys
In 86 he reached the last 8 beating Wilander in last 16.Pat had been at the surgeon desk just...3 weeks before, due to apendicities
I recall the great Fred Perry close at BBC Wimbledon special that I listened every evening during the event
" 3 weeks ago he was at the operation table.Now he is at the Wimbledon quarterfinals"
Glorius Days
You're right about Cash and his illness before Wimbledon 1986, kiki, yeah. Pat won another Davis Cup the same year.

Pat beat Wilander, Jimbo and Lendl in successive rounds to win Wimbledon 87, he was in great form. The form of his life.
I remember that was a massive shock Becker losing to Peter Doohan in the second round that year. I remember coming home from work, switching on the tv and seeing Doohan leading. Couldn't believe it! Still thought Boris would win, but Pete was good that day. I had expected Boris to win Wimby again for three in a row. Glad Cash won in the end.
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