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Originally Posted by ark_28 View Post
How many quarter finals of slams had Rafter made before he won the US Open for the first time in 1997? Thanks for playing
wait.. didn't you say Isner doesn't need to do well in small events and it doesn't drive him to do well? I thought he won at least 3 majors when you said that, but only one quaterfinal which came from his home country? What was his results in Roland Garros, a clay event where he beat Federer and claimed he plays his best tennis at. What about Wimbledon?? He's not different from Karlovic.

As for your points on small events, he DOES need to do well in small events, but his talent doesn't allow him to do so.. that sucks, because he only has 1-2 year left in his career to show something..

If he can't win matches in ATP 250 events for 4 consecutive times, he can't do well in 1000 events or GS. It's as simple as that!
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