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Default HELP! Wilson Amplifeel 6.1 95 vs BLX, one year later

Ok six one lovers: it's been (almost) one year since the release of the new six one 95 from Wilson. So I figured enough people have used it to comment on how it differs from the 2010 BLX model.

I've been using the two frames for the past two months, and just can't decide which one I like most. Please help me figure out the pros and cons. Here's what I noticed about the new one (Amplifeel, 16x1:

-It has a bit narrower head, and slightly better control.
-The static and swingweight are the same, but feels different. It feels lighter than the BLX when you hold it in your hand, but not that much when playing.
-Wilson put less weight in the throat of this racquet. That explains the impression of lower swingweight, but it also makes for a less solid (stable) stick than the BLX. Especially at net on hard passing shots, and when returning heavy serves.
-It has a bit less spin potential than the BLX, but amazing control. That is by far it's best attribute.
-Power is pretty much the same with both racquets -- a lot.

Have you had the same experience? If you played with both, which one do you prefer?
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