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Originally Posted by remarks View Post
I own another tennis shop. As others have said, you have to use a different weave to cover the gaps in the grommet strip. At both the head and the tail (4 gaps).

I think Head did screw up. Grommet strips are too thin and do not have enough overlap.
I've done over 50 of these racquets since release and didn't have one problem (in fact I had to fix several stringers mistakes) cause I took the time to hold down the bumper guard down and also make sure they were fully pushed in, in the first place. No need to do anything special just do your regular two piece and string it like your layering it so you don't get any weird cross overs later.

The only thing I can say is that if you don't string it perfect the first time it leaves a string impression and makes it difficult for the next stringer or stringing cause the grommet holes has an imprint of the string and the string will follow that imprint.
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