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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
Bud, have you tried oral methods (salt tabs, electrolyte caps like what I posted, etc.) instead? The only reason I wouldn't look to pickle juice for myself is simply because you have to drink the salt instead of just swallow it. That incites thirst which is likely not there to begin with. Of course, I do know many of my boxing friends who down pickle juice, so I'm simply asking from a personal standpoint.
Yes, tried all that and it made no difference. You can make your own pickle brine with just vinegar and water. Studies show it's the vinegar that prevents/alleviates the cramping not the salt. The salt is just to make vinegar/water taste a bit better.

I go all out now and add pickling spices, fresh garlic, fresh dill etc. to make it taste like real pickle brine. I used to drink it only when I started to feel my feet and lower legs cramp (primarily tibialis anterior muscle). However, I now take a small sip at every change over and the cramping never even starts. I have not had any cramping since I created that PJ thread.

I played 5 hours and 6 sets of competitive doubles using the PJ the entire time, last night. I probably went through 8 oz. over the course of 6 sets. I even continue sipping it after finishing, since many times my cramps hit later in the evening while I'm relaxing. No issues as usual.

Originally Posted by Buford T Justice View Post
I'll look for your thread.

Here's a premade option!
Will check it out.

However, it's so cheap, quick and easy to make it yourself. I make (2) 32 oz. mason jars worth at a time an it will last me 3-4 weeks. The cost is probably 2-3 dollars per 32 oz. It's about 4x that to buy jars of pickles as there is very little juice once the pickles are removed.

Originally Posted by charliefedererer View Post

I was hoping you would respond to this thread.

Although the designation sounds terrible, do you think you are a "salty sweater"?

I must admit, I was skeptical of the need for pickle juice as you have posted, but I also knew you are way too a reliable source not to also treat the suggestion quite seriously.

(It's interesting that although in that Florida University report they concentrated on football players, they cite another study where among tennis players they had one that had 4 times the salt loss as the "average" tennis player.)
Sometimes I'll leave a line of salt residue on my cap but not always. I eat plenty of salt so I doubt I'm sodium deficient. The thing with the pickle juice is the effect is immediate. The cramping is gone within 30-60 seconds. There is no loading up on water, salt, potassium etc. hours or days before a match.

If someone wants to be really frugal, they can simply use straight vinegar or vinegar watered down with 50% water. The vinegar is the key. There is peer-reviewed research on the subject if you Google vinegar and cramps.

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