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[QUOTE=mattennis;7226441]Why do you insist in comparing numbers from different era, knowing that conditions of current era are totally different than in any previous era (thus making it senseless) ?

Here, as I see it, is the big problem with this "homogenous" business. "Totally different"? How much is "totally different"? Not once, and I stress, not once, have I seen anyone present any useful data as to the extent of the similarity of today's courts. It seems that all of these judgments in the various threads are based on nothing more than personal observations, and I think we can all agree on how (un)reliable those can be. Surely someone has done tests, comparing today's courts against each other, and today's courts with those of the previous era(s). If you have some useful data supporting the "totally different" allegation, please share it. Perhaps I'll have to start a new thread in search of such data.
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