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Originally Posted by darklore009 View Post
nice video. this video will help for those that bought either the x-2 or the progression 2 for the first time.
btw, when starting the mains, arent you suppose to put a clamp in the center of the the first 2 mains?
Yes, you are suppose to put it one clamp size away from the end so that you can fit the other clamp when you tension the string.

Originally Posted by lionel_101 View Post
I watched the beginning and some at the end. I just string racquetball racquets but noticed....

1. You forgot to use the support adapters at the head and throat. The metal on the posts could damage the paint job on the racquet.

You are right about that, but the adapters only covered the bottom of the racquet so I felt using the posts would be better in supporting the racquet.

2. Didn't look like you cinched up the tie off knots correctly.

The knots are fine , I should've included pictured at the end.

3. Careless with your pliers in pulling on the knots and throwing it on the racquet bed. You could really hurt yourself.
Yes, I agree but it looks like I am pulling towards myself, but I am actually pulling to the side of me so that I don't hit myself. In addition, I merely dropped the pliers on the string bed. I think the strings take more abuse from the ball.

Thanks for the comments!
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