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Originally Posted by Timbo's hopeless slice View Post
perception vs reality...

I took my mother to a WTA event last week, she hadn't been to live tennis in 40 years but watched a lot of it on TV.

as we were sitting down, she remarked that, while she was looking forward to it, she would fall off her seat if she saw someone come to the net..

Well, she had to swallow her words on that one during the first point... (thank you Storm Sanders)

My point is, people constantly repeating mantras such as 'nothing but slow speed baseline rallies' or 'in the nineties, S&V was so much better to watch' or similar TT catch crys are missing out on the highest standard of competitive tennis in history, happening right now.

blame it on equipment, or fitness, or even PEDs if you are really that stupid, but the truth is the top 100 in either the WTA or the ATP are playing at a standard never before seen.

Ask Pat Rafter, he was asked the other day if he would like to be on the tour today and he just laughed and said 'these guys have moved the game on so far since my day, I would be lucky to win a game.'

I know some of you just don't want to believe this as you feel it somehow belittles your heroes, but how about you get off the couch and go watch a local ATP event from courtside?

Then honestly ask yourselves if there is 'no variation' and all they do is hit 'loopy topspin balls' all day.

turn off the damn television!
...I just donīt even turn it on
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