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Originally Posted by Tight Lines View Post
I just checked out the new version's screen shots at the app store. Apparently, he is using the serve speed formula at which I told him about. The numbers all check out. This means the serve speed estimate should be very accurate.

The OP has finally turned the app into a useful tool by calculating the initial serve speed. I will be buying the app soon.

If you are just curious about your serve speed and are not interested in doing so on a regular basis, you can just record the serve and plug in the numbers into the website link above. That will do roughly the same thing with less accuracy.

Thanks Harry! Yes I am using almost the same math as shown on that website.
Itís a great explanation if you wanna know more about how itís calculated!

And yes you can calculate it all yourself but for 3 dollars really? Itís quite a lot of work to do it yourself. And if youíre like me you donít wanna know it just once

Though I think the average speed of version 1.0 was very useful too for measuring improvements, ServeSpeed 1.2 of course is a lot cooler since with the initial speed you can compare yourself to the proís!
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