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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
Well, I have two 2012 95s and one them (361g with OG) is as solid if not more solid, than any of the 2010 95s I have. I have another 2012 which is more head heavy, more handle light, but again rock solid in the hoop though it feels more cumbersome to swing even though its 6g lighter.

I used to have a 2010 95 which felt like a tree log (360g), and currently two 2010 95s which handle beautifully and are fast feeling, and even at 354g and 355g feel lighter and infinitely easier to swing than my BLX Juice Pro at 346g. Neither are ultimately as solid and stable as other 95s I've owned, but I chose a faster feeling head over ultimate mass.
Do you feel like you could switch between the 2012 and 2010 frame (with same weight or close to) anytime during a match, and not even noticing it? (Except maybe for the different feel of the ball)
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