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So here is the problem with Seniors. We have several people who play on a Sr. Mixed team and a regular mix team. Sr. Mix plays during the regular season at 10am on Saturdays, reg mix plays at 1 on Sundays. Playoffs arrive and first round of playoffs for both leagues is scheduled for Saturday (10 and 1). Our sr. match was scheduled 70 miles from our home facility while the regular mixed was scheduled at home some three hours later. It is impossible to make both matches and we were forced to make a decision to play one or the other. ALTA scheduling forced us out of the playoffs in one league. Can't understand why they couldn't keep the schedules separated.
We are running into the same problem. Fortunately, if it doesn't rain Saturday, we got lucky. We are supposed to play away, but the team we are playing has the same problem as we do (qualified for Seniors and Mixed playoffs) and their afternoon playoff match is closer to our home courts so they agreed to play the Seniors Mixed match at our place.
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