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Originally Posted by tom4ny View Post
I am a Dunlop 300 guy and have currently switched to the F3.0 tour from the Bio 300 tour but I also have a few Bio 300's. I agree with the prior posters that some lead at 10:2 is perfect for the regular Bio 300. On the 300 Tour I spread the lead tape from 11-1 and it was what that frame needed. Also, with the very oval frame you may want to drop the cross tension by 3-4 lbs. That seems to open up the sweetspot even a bit more and you have a great control frame with some pop! I could use a full bed of Kirshbaum PL2 and I would string at 55/52 or 54/51. When I use Isospeed Control or Professional Classic I bump it up to 56/53.
Did you mean the f 3.0 tour where you spread the lead tape from 11-1? Or you meant the old 4d300 tour?
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