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OK. Not a good day. Wet and rainy, the court I got was very damp and had a leak, yeah that kind of day.

Warming up seemed OK, was trying out the new strings. Let's talk about that first. Started with my usual Black Widow 17 @ 52/50. Nice easy spin, good pocketing, good depth. Followed with TB 17 full bed @52/50. More spin, less pocketing. Felt more crisp, but balls fell short. Then switched to the hybrid TB 17/ Babolat N.Vy 16 @ 52/52. Interesting, it did seem to have the same spin as TB full bed, without the harshness, and good depth. But it was harsher than the full bed of Black Widow. For now I'm not convinced I would prefer it over the BW, which I used in the practice set, because my arm started complaining. Maybe it'll loosen up after a few more days, but I definitely want to string it looser next time (the hybrid). BW is nice, but a bit underpowered...maybe I should try that in a hybrid.

Anyway, here's the warmup. I noticed that I got a better PTD but the result was I got a lower trajectory...and I mean lower! Was hitting the tape and occasionally even the boottom of the net! I think the contact point needs to be further forward.

Played a set where I couldn't hit a forehand to save my life...felt totally discombobulated trying to find my groove on the forehand wing. Even the winners don't look good on video. The only bright spot was I saw a glimpse of my first serve coming back, had a few good service games with an ace, some unreturnables, and some sitter returns, and no sitting duck second serves! So it wasn't a total loss...still it was 6-2 to I guy I had already started beating...I wasn't taking control of the points today.

Afterwards, I still had the hit the net syndrome on the forehand...ball was spinny with less pace than I expected Out of mixed curiosity/frustration, I tried to hit one with an Eastern grip and wow it sailed up into the wall

Hopefully it's just one of those days...

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