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Got a chance to hit with an F3.0 Tour tonight. It was strung with Volkl Cyclone Tour at 50lbs. I will echo some of the sentiments already stated in this thread in that the F3.0 Tour has a different feel to it compared to the Dunlop AG 300 i have. In the TW review they refer to it as crisp/muted. To me it felt somewhat disconnected from the ball. Yet once i got used to it I was hitting some really solid balls. I didn't really like the feel of the racquet but I played well with it. The power level was good. I liked the control the 18x20 string pattern offered. Slice serves were really good. Flat serves were good as well. I like the weight and layup of the racquet. The one thing that concerns me is that after playing 2 sets my elbow is is feeling a little discomfort. I'm going to keep testing it over the next 4 weeks to see how it goes. I may try to string it up with a multi around 58lbs to see if i still have elbow pain. Good racquet overall, but its not love at first hit.
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