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Okay so I played with it on Thursday as planned and have a lot of things to say.

Here's a timeline of how the strings played for me in my 3 hour session.
1. The first 10-20 minutes were probably the worst I have ever played in my entire tennis career. Every ball was unpredictable when I hit it, some went long some steered off course by 5 feet. Hitting it in the sweet spot resulted in random launch angles. Brushing up a lot resulted in very high bounces that landed either very deep or close to the back fence. The moment you make contact with the ball you knew it was mushy and you couldn't place your shots.
2. From there things started to get a little better. Around a half an hour I started to dial in my shots and stopped thinking of brushing up against the ball to get it into play. I just hit through the ball with a strong finish and this resulted in a very deep ball that spun down into the court at the last moment and kicked up fairly high. One of my balls actually kicked over my 6'1" friend.
3. Around the hour mark I started to feel that I could sort of place my shots a little bit less accurately than normal, but they were going in the general direction. I started serving and this is where everything turned around. Flat serves felt so natural and I could place them pretty well. Second serves kicked pretty high, around the highest I ever served before. Slice serves were a dream on the deuce side(righty) and sliced off the court and onto the very next court in pretty sick angle.
4. After serving I tried some volleys and smashes. Reflex volleys were just terrible, they all went deep or long without me having too much control on them, put away volleys were great as long as I held them and followed through with my momentum. Smashes were like my serves, felt great and I could pick my places easier. I hit this one smash from behind the baseline and it made a 40-60 degree turn from the right line to the middle, threw my friend off.
5. I then spent the rest of my playing time playing points, just awful. Serving wasn't too much of a problem. Returning was B*&ch, I had to resort to chipping them into play, just couldn't get a solid contact with them.

So to conclude this long summary, I got back home and immediately cut out my strings and will probably never try this again. It was a fun experiment, however I probably screwed up somewhere because I was expecting better results. It felt far inferior to the Wilson Spin racquets.

Moral of this playtest, don't string it like this unless you are willing to go 60 mains and 70+ crosses with a very stiff cross string and maybe also in the mains.
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