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sorry 3 parts TT wont let me post more than 10k word posts

Shop dynamics: It's fine if you're nice/friendly/cordial but the age discrimination issue still stands. Quite frankly, there isn't much you can do about it, and I'm not sure there's anything you SHOULD do about it. People earn their stripes and they earn the recognition and respect that they get. It sounds like you just need to put in your time and roll with the punches. It's one of those lessons that you carry forward with you. The best thing you can do in life is not turn into that guy. Understand that every single individual has something to offer, and there may indeed be something you can learn even from the dismissive stringer. If he doesn't want to treat you as an equal, that's his loss and his problem, but DO NOT let it stress your relationship. Don't undermine his authority either, that's an amateur mistake. If you have good ideas, discuss them with him, but instead of telling him "I'm going to do this - deal with it," ask him if he's got any suggestions and let him psychologically 'take ownership' of YOUR idea, and if he wants to claim credit, that's fine. Get your foot in the door to operate as equals and be humble. Who knows, eventually he might be coming to you for ideas once he sees positive feedback. Lowest guy on the totem pole gets the shaft and that's just life. He probably DOES have an ego issue, but that's not your problem.

I honestly think the age discrimnation is strictly from the stringer only. The more I think about it the more I think he feels threatened by me. He realizes I am actually doing a good job,etc. Its funny. Let me tell you some things thats happened:

1-tuesday night I stay until 11pm to catch up on rackets. I leave 2 rackets in que, with natural gut. Wednes we were both out. Come today, thursday, the guy wants his 2 rackets but they are not done. Now remember he comes in the morning, I come in afternoon. So when he came this morning, those 2 shouldve been first to do. But instead he skips them and leaves them for me in the afternoon.

Flash back-my first week on the job he leaves me 2 rackets with natrual gut. He calls me on phone and says to me “i just want to see if you know how to string gut”. so....i wonder if he's scared to string gut??

2-members are already requesting me to string their racket. One even said the other stringer messed up his reel. And hes been there about 10months longer than me. I am barely on my first month here.

His actions are not stressing me. Its just that hes going to management about it, and they in turn veto my idea thanks to him. But yet at the same time when he talks to me on the phone he keeps saying “oh this is between you and me noone else” and he always acts scared when I say stuff like 'let me talk to [boss] about this” I am not sure I need to go on....

and to be sure, i am not trying to undermine him. all i have been saying is 'hey i think this customer needs this done so how can i go about doing it without using my own money" and instead of supporting me hes made sure customers are not getting what they need.

imagine you going to a auto shop with flat tire and the guy says 'oh you dont need a new tire, but lets see why dont you buy a new paintjob'. hes basically picking what he wants to do, and makes sure i dont get to help customers myself as well so he doesnt look bad? its just absurd.

or even worse. say one day you go into teh office and your boss says "oh DD you can NO longer use [essential tool] to do your job because your co worker says its not necessary and hes doesnt want to use that tool so he doesnt have to do the job that the tool relates to"
Not necessarily, hopefully I've done an adequate job of communicating this...[/quote]

finally, again, thank you DD. your reply is greatly appreciated. i hope to learn and improve as i go on.
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