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I used the BLX 6.1 for about two years. I loved everything about it except that I had trouble getting it around as well on serve due to the weight. The new 2012 6.1, on paper, seems to be exactly what I would want. When I tried it, over a few months, I felt I could swing it easier than the 2010, but I did not feel it to be less stable, just more maneuverable and thus, easier for me to swing on serve. I would totally have bought it, but the demo bug got me hooked on the new Yonex frames and I fell for the new EZone Xi 98. Alas, I still feel like I should get a 2012 BLX 6.1.
It's weird cause if you look at the specs of each racquet on TW University (, the 2012 is actually heavier, and has a heavier swingweight. That is also what I got when measuring them at home. And that's the feeling I get when I play with them. I always felt the 2010 was more maneuverable. That's why I still prefer it, by a slight margin.
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