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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
You are misunderstanding - maybe I didn't write it well.

In the scenario, the big-serving player is a 4.5 and would win about half his matches in 4.5.

However, if the player is originally mis-rated as a 4.0, he would not be moved up to his proper rating despite winning all his matches for years.
I'm sorry, I still don't get it. when you say 'winning all his matches for years' - you mean against similarly rated 4.0 players? If so - he would surely be moved up. having 100% winning record against same-rated players for multiple years would surely bumped him up eventually

Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
Similarly, if he is mis-rated as a 5.0, he would never be bumped down to his proper level no matter how often he loses because the scores are close even though he is, and forever will be, winless.

I'm not saying the system is terrible, just that it needs to put more emphasis on who wins the matches.

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