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Well after 7 months I am back to my EXO3 Tour 100. In that 7m period, I was searching for something new like some drug addict, from Radicals, Rebels, my PT630 and so...
Than one day I have pull out my Exo, with 5g of lead at 3&9, full poly at 57/55 total weight 345g, and come to conclusion that this is it. Of course there is downside from my point of view about 16x18 is that in 20 shots one shot is like racquet is playing for itself (trampoline) but poly at 57/55 is really minimizing that effect. Control is really great for open patter, and power level is low.
I have also 18x20, but I am not so lethal on my shots as with open pattern.
So I settle down with my exo; it is flexi, very arm friendly, with added pop when needed, great spin, nice weight, control is on good level with this setup, so for me I have in that racq every aspect on decent level.
Speed pro G is only frame that is pulling me to demo it, and I will do that in future, but as racketaholic, I have to settle down on one stick and get used to it because switching frames as I do is never good thing.
So Exo Tour 100.....yes this New Jersey stick will be in my bag for long time.
Regards to Exo tour 100 players...
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