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Default another question for Chris

Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
The 8 does pack a lot of power. I prefer the Becker Pro, V1 Classic and the new Org 7 as I find better control and feel. I had zero comfort issues with the 7 and I strung it up with some very stiff polys while testing. I would pick it leaps and bounds over the 8. With the Sensor handle systems, Volkls tend to always feel very comfortable.

I think the 8 is plenty comfortable, too, but just packs a tad too much punch for me. The 99s is also comfortable as the open string pattern offers a very soft and forgiving feeling stringbed.

Chris, TW
Chris, youe say the x7 has a better control and feel than the x8. You would expect othwerwise, because of the headsize and stiffness.

You also say the x8 is too powerfull. Is it even more powerfull than the x7?
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