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Originally Posted by unorthodox stringing View Post
Hi Ray,

Yes, you are perfectly right on the dead feel of the re-tensioned poly.

Being totally new to poly, I wanted to push the boundaries and see how it would behave and feel. Out of curiousity, I've also done many "unspeakable" things to poly strings...

Spaghetti is too radical and time consuming although i've harboured thoughts of doing it
^^ Actually I meant the pattern the TW prof just used recently in his string/spin experiment, I think they refered to it as "faux spagetti pattern" or something like that. They just pretty much weaved every cross on the same side so that it they were not interwoven, in the picture it looked like the crosses just went straight across splitting have every other main to one side of the racket face.

I haven't heard of anyone hitting with one of those so it would be interesting to hear from anyone trying it out.

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