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Originally Posted by corners View Post
If you read the paper you'll see that 100 was grams added at 3&9 to an Exo3 Red 105.
Thanks for the follow-up. I didn't see the original paper, so I didn't know if the 100 g was a specific amount for a specific frame or just intentional overkill guaranteed to cause reversal in any racket (like saying a 5-lb brick will squash any grape).

The more I think about the problem, the more I suspect that what you're really looking for is a particular distribution of mass in terms of the ratio of mass in the upper, middle, and lower hoop. That is, if you have a frame with x% of the mass in the upper third of the hoop, y% in the middle third, and z% in the lower third, you'll get that consistent spin potential across the whole string bed regardless of the overall specs.

The difficult part is finding the exact values for x, y, and z, which will probably vary a bit frame by frame given differences in head shapes, flex patterns, and string spacing. If I were in your shoes, I'd start with the Exo3 Red and see if that 60 g really does give you the consistent spin potential that you're looking for (forget overall specs and personal preferences for the moment). You might find that that necessary modifications are more complicated and the results are difficult to verify.

But, if you do end up finding a way to verify the results and get what you're looking for, then you can start searching for other frames that will give you the overall specs you like after you've modified them to get that consistent string bed.

Basically, test the feasibility first on a well-known subject and then start looking for more ideal candidates later.
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