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Originally Posted by DonDiego View Post
Yes, the TEAM is an incredible racquet -- if you like light racquets. I'm not sure you can make it a heavy racquet (and benefit from heavy racquets attributes) just by adding lead tape. But if your goal is to make it around 325 strung, it should work well.

It is more flexible than the six one, and with Amplifeel the comfort is second to none. I only tried the 18x20 (in Canada), and didn't like the string pattern for spin. But maneuverability, control, even stability... a very good racquet. Probably Wilson's best update in 2012.
Ya I will just add a little weight, I have found that with the lighter versions like this team racket there is much better control than the regular version. You lose plow through and some stability, but I love the excellent control that the lighter racket has. Then between strings, tension and a little weight added I can fine tune it.
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