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Originally Posted by jaym222 View Post
Hey Everyone

After demo-ing many racquets, determined to get something more versatile and softer than my AeroPro Drive GT, I found the Dunlop Biomimetic 300. I really like this racquet. The pros definitely outweigh the cons...except for one....the sweet spot of this racquet feels like it is the size of a postage stamp and any hits just outside of it are pretty muted. I am not good enough to hit consistently in this smaller sweet spot so I find I am getting some real varying result in depth of my shots.

So my question, does anyone know of a racquet that has a 100 sq inch head size, with a more ample sweet spot that plays very very close to the 300?


Very very close to 300? That's a tough one. I think your best bet with 300 is adding some lead tape at 12, 3&9 and near the buttcap.

That's the setup I have and it plays consistent, soft and has a big sweetspot. But it is considerably heavier and requires good technique.

If you want a tweener sorta similar to 300 with softer response and bigger sweetspot - Head MG Radical.

Graphine Speed Pro is in between APDgt and 300 - its 100", 67 stiffness, but with some extra heft for stability and bigger sweetspot then 300.
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