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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Yes, as I said on the other thread yesterday, loved the performance of TB over 4G. However, the tension did indeed drop a bit too fast for my liking.

On another note, as someone referred to it previously, one area I'm increasingly finding this frame to be fantastic on is serve. Just such zipping pace and spin. Hitting down the middle is an effortless joy. And taking it out wide definitely working a treat for me ATM.

Aside from serve, for me the main big pluses of this frame are how sweet and fast it is to swing (that sense that you can really go after the ball very quickly); topspin-heavy groundstrokes (but of course!); all court performance (admittedly I'm no Stefan Edberg, but all court performance seems pretty good to me); and the relative solidness.

Stringing issues aside (and this a huge thorny area, no doubt about it), the other issue I've encountered relates to sometimes feeling the ball is sitting up too much for my opponent and I'm running about too much David Ferrer-style lol playing a retrieving game, being moved around too much when it's I who usually likes to try to dictate the points. I suppose this indicates I'm not quite putting the ball away well enough, or not with adequate penetration/flatness/directness or whatever. Re hitting long, I'd say I do this a bit, similar to my time with the APD actually, but it's not such a big factor for me. I still haven't quite dialed things in on the bh side. Lastly, though I said the frame is relatively solid (which it is), I do sometimes wish there was a bit more of an authoritative and fuller bodied feel to the frame. Maybe I should try leading up?
I concur... I have the exact same observations.
Until I find the string setup. these will remain my "fun" racquets.
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