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Give me an indoor fast to medium hard court any day. No wind, no sun in yor eye on the serve, and a well struck ball is rewarded.

I'm okay with hard-tru, it's fun to get out an hit on it every once in a while and it is easier on the body.

Only played on red clay for about 30 minutes and the court wasn't well groomed - can't really judge.

Our college courts were on astro-turf and did part time duty in a facility designed to convert to indoor soccer or football practice. It was ok, but the bounce was inconsistent due to the padding.

Hate the hard courts at a lot of high schools in my area which seem to be some sort of rubberized, padded surface over concrete. Ball just dies on that surface.

Never played on grass.

Worse courts I played on - a tie between hard-tru in a bubble (it was over watered, muddy, and like playing in a sauna) or my high school courts which looked like they put tennis balls under the surface every 5 feet.
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