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Originally Posted by The Meat View Post
It's very tight in the toebox and stiff at first, what I do is loosen the laces a lot and slide my hand all the way to the toe box and then make a fist. Helps spread the toebox a little wider and breaks in the shoe. After a few times of stretching the toebox put it on with the laces still loose and then adjust to a comfortable tightness for your feet.

If you have big calluses on your big toes(on part pointed towards inside of shoe) you might want to sand them down, because the first few hits with the shoes are going to be a little uncomfortable.
So, I assume from your description that once broken in they become wearable ?

I thought about returning them, but I am willing to break them in if they will come good. I just don't remember having this issue with the 2K11s when they were new.

Thanks for the reply.
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