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Originally Posted by jankustra View Post
there is a line between players like borg, connors, MAC or Lend. They were best players with wood made rackets... so they spend a lot of time with natural gut and very dense string pattern. they used speed of oponent stokes...thats why they use natural...
Have to respectfully disagree.

Lendl had very high swing speeds on FH and BH. His FH is was better than Murray's and Nadal's as far as power. He ABSOLUTELY could crush a FH. He also had a very heavy hard topspin BH with high racket speeds. I have no doubt he would be using a poly hybrid if he were a young man today. Lendl strung gut at 70 lbs which also indicates he would lean toward poly as he wanted a stiff controllable stringbed. An old Lendl could enjoy a poly hybrid.

Connors also had great racket speed and actually did not play much with a wood racket. He used a frigging stiff piece of steel T2000. His 2 HBH hit cross court mostly flat but with a touch of top had hi-swing-speed. He normally left the ground as he threw his whole body into the shot. Again, could see him using poly or poly/hybrid like Blake and Agassi to control his aggression.

McEnroe - yes, I'll concede he was a wood racket player and when he first went pro he had feather light goundstrokes. But, Nestor the Canadian doubles specialist is playing gut/poly hybrid strung at 40/38 - yes, gut at 40 lbs. Yes, an old Mc is not going to change but a young Mc trying to compete could (maybe would) use a setup similar to Nestor.

A young Borg and probably an old Borg would probably love poly. He strung his wood and wood/composite Donnay's at 80 lbs with gut. He liked his racket to feel stiff as a board. He also hit full hi-swing-speed strokes with more topspin than anyone in his era. Strong indicators that he would love poly strings.

These guys in their 50's have higher swing speeds than 90%+ of rec/league players using poly.

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