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"I sweat like crazy..and its salty..totally sucks man. I used to cramp so badly in my calves that I thought I would not be able to play sports at an intense level again.

Wish I could provide an answer, but all I have done is use electrolyte packs in my water and it helped.

I also take magnesium before bed. I was taking 1000 mgs. some people say that is too much. I am not sure. I dropped it to 500 to be safe, but I feel like I lose a lot more electrolytes than most people.

Knock on wood, but the cramping has gone away. I think it boils down to electrolyte management and improved fitness."- Power Player

I see you have already answered in the other thread.

Thanks for your reply and information that should be helpful to other tennis players plagued by cramping.
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