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Default Mental of a kid

Hi all,

I really need advise on the mental or confidence for my son.

He is 12 years old and playing now not too bad, but when he is playing in tournament it is like he is playing only at 40%
4 double faults in the row, easy ball smashed, ...

and he has been playing tournament already 1.5 years, he started 2 years ago.

It seems that he cannot let down this stress sentiment.

I made an experience on him.

Yesterday, we meet people on court and he play with them, and no problem he play as usual.

After that i want him to not do a double fault so i make him make his second serve, which is not bad, he miss some but it is acceptable (on about 10 serves 1 is out).
Then i told him every 10 serves, you can only miss 1, and if you miss you will have to write 20 times "I cannot miss my serve" x number of miss out of 10 => I know I am bad, but i want him to feel that in this game he have something to loose.

then he made 4 double faults in a row, success 1 and then again double fault multiple time, just like in tournament.

I wanted to stress him to the equivalent of a tournament.

Am I in a right track to help him suppress that anxiety or should I stop to do that stupid thing ?

What is your experience.

He is my little one so as all of you we like to see our little to succeed, not forcibly win a match, but just play freely and most importantly play his best.

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