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Default Stringing Rackets

Hey guys,

I got back into tennis this Summer and was playing mostly every day..

I got a new racket towards the end of Summer (Prince exo3 Rebel 9 & almost immediately after relocated to a different city to begin a new job.. Since playing every day, my game has dropped off the face of the planet & I can not do anything right.

I need to get my racket restrung, but I was just curious -- how big of an impact will that keep my balls from sailing out? Most of my forehands always seem to be landing ~2 feet long of the baseline. I'm curious if new strings will help that, or if its just me..

A little background -- I got my racket strung in August. I played in 1 tournament and almost every night for about a month-1.5 months and since then it has sat in its bag up until a couple weeks ago when I started picking it up again.. So needless to say, the strings are very mobile lol.

Will a string job help with this?
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