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Originally Posted by dlam View Post
My flat ones tend to be long
I will try on the first serve but I have setup with racket bouncing ball to tossing hand to get the proper rhythm in my set up
The kick ones are more reliable as if I can clear the net and still spin in or if I hit the net cord it will spin in for a let
The flat ones there is less margin of error as the same clearance above the net on the flat serve might be long and if I hit net cord with a flatty serve it can bounce out
Someone as tall as Isner (who super tall) might be have more options and less margin of error
If you really jump up and attack the ball way out in front of you, your margin for error increases greatly. Height is a large factor too. Deep knee bend and strong weight transfer allows you to create more leverage and thus more margin for error (not to mention the extra speed and higher bounce).
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