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Ok, here we go!

On the Head Djokovic Combi 6 Pack Bag, you have a CCT zippered section for your racquets along with another larger zipper compartment for anything else that includes a smaller inside zip mesh pocket as well as a detachable shoe bag. The zippers on the outside of the bag on both sides are just that, a zipped area for accessories (there are no zippers or extra pockets in there). Then there is also a small zip on the top of the bag (just above the big head logo).

The monstercombi is not THAT big of a bag in my opinion. It's comparable to most 10 packs. It has 3 main zippered compartments, one being CCT lined for you racquets. I think you could easily carry this bag around and not feel like it's a gigantic tour player's bag!

Side by side, the monstercombi really isn't that much larger than the combi. I just reviewed the ATP Pro-Tecnifibre 10pack ( and would say that this monstercombi is very similar in size.

Hope that helps a bit!

Michelle, TW
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