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Originally Posted by Mike Bulgakov View Post
Chuck Norris fears the lemur.
~ Bulgakov's Ringtailed Dandy ~

While the lemur is a dreamer
he's sly and quite the schemer
This Dapper Dan turns girlie clams
into gaping, frothy steamers

The lemur with his reamer
turns women into screamers
Their cherry pies and heaving sighs
cry: "Oh lemur, my banana creamer!"

Love's Driving Machine, the lemur
can outperform a Beamer
and splay a woman's femurs
then leave orgasmic streamers ~~~~

- Jerome, the Senator's trusted aide-de-camp o/b/o Sen. Jay Bullworth, the unrequited, never indicted trusted pubic servant

--"The stripes, the tail, the legend: y'all know him: he's the lemur....the lemur of love."

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