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Originally Posted by RollTrackTake View Post
What string setups have worked best & worst for you? Morning after my 2 sets and my elbow is still slightly tender. I did mishit several times.
are you using the F3.0 or the Bio 300 tour?

While the F3.0 feels stiffer, I find it to be more arm friendly than the Bio 300 tour. I prefer low powered multi's and really like Isospeed Professional Classic in both of these frames. It is a 17g though so if for more durability but less spin and liveliness there is Isospeed Control Classic. On both frames I do not string higher than 55 lbs as they just seem to play better at lower tensions. I can play with a full bed of co-poly like Kirshbaum PL2 but over months I started to feel it in my forearm when I was lifting at the gym so I went back to Isospeed. On the F3.0 tour I have gone up to 60 lbs and hated it at that tension. It was like a different racket. I prefer the Isospeed to Dunlop Silk. The newer versions of Professional and Control are even softer but may feel too gummy and they initially drop tension. All of these strings should be pre-stretched. That is what my stringer does for me.
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