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Originally Posted by diredesire View Post
It's funny, because I actually hate those tools. I got the bronze colored set way back when. I think the tools feel cheap, the 'springs' fall out, and the lamination (plating?) peels off with heavy use. This is mostly applicable to the smooth surfaced tools, though. I don't like heavily serrated gripping jaws on my stringing tools -- they're purpose built for other applications and with enough pressure will generally mar string. I prefer the micro pliers from Crescent for stringing purposes. If you see 'em on sale sometime, snap a set up. It's not important for how little pliers are actually used in stringing, though (assuming you don't pull knots with pliers). I almost only use my pliers for guiding string through blocked holes, which I'm pretty sure isn't the way most stringers use their pliers, so definitely take my opinions here with a huge grain of salt
haha. i guess compared to what i had before these are amazing. i agree they do feel kind of cheap, but they were cheap on sale. i am a tennis player, and make money as such. i think i am barely above poverty level. too much info probably....
i use the plier to pull my knots. havent had issues yet
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