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Default Connors v Borg 1978 and the no.1 ranking

If you look at the calender year 1978 (including the Grand Prix Masters which was held in January 78 ), the year-end number number 1 ranking looks very close based on results. Jimbo finished the year no.1 by the official rankings, we know of course, Borg won 2 Grand Slam tournaments to 1 for Jimmy. Jimmy finished winner of the Grand Prix points standings for the year. Bjorn was voted ITF World Champion.

According to the records I looked at, I have Connors also winning Philadelphia, Denver, Memphis, Rotterdam, Birmingham (Eng.), Washington, Stowe, US Open and Sydney.

Borg won Birmingham (US), Pepsi Grand Slam, Las Vegas WCT, Milan, Italian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, Bastad and Tokyo.

It seems they had a pretty similar number of losses.

In Grand Slam wins, Borg is ahead, but Connors also has the Masters.
In official meetings again counting the Masters as happening in 1978, it's 2-2 in official matches between the pair. There are at least a couple of other matches in exo type events, of which they won one each.

I'm asking because I think some good tennis judges at the time had Connors ahead of Borg, most had Borg as number one. I give the edge to Bjorn, narrowly, myself, but it's close. Any thoughts? Any additional tournament info anyone has would be useful too.

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