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Originally Posted by pennc94 View Post
A hammer in the face or a kick to the groin have no confounding factors. The confounding factors in a tennis stroke include technique, biomechanics, the racquet itself, the individual's arm, overuse, etc. Your examples are too simplistic. Your examples fail if you add confounding factors. A kick to the groin of an individual wearing a steel cup may not injure that individual.

Nobody is trying to convince you about poly safety. All that is being said is that you have no objective evidence to prove that polyester strings cause injury. Your anecdotal stories or links to web logs are insufficient.
Very few people, if any, get tennis elbow from natural gut, but rather from using poly. And once you got it, I could only play with gut strung at lower tensions 52/50 LBS for a while...A couple of months with poly (Pro Hurricane tour, high 40s) and I tend to feel pain in my arm/elbow again. Back to gut at 57/55 LBs for years and no problem whatsoever.
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