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Originally Posted by diredesire View Post
Example? Sounds pretty dramatic. Ask him to talk to you first about it, so you're on the same page. Tell him you're willing to listen and make necessary changes, and would prefer for the news to be less of a surprise in the future. If he's unwilling to accommodate you, you can always provide counter examples to the management, although starting a firefight isn't wise if you need to continue working with the guy. As far as 'no big deal/it's not needed,' that might actually be true from a different perspective than yours. Don't assume you're right. It all comes back to having a policy/charter to fall back on. If nothing's official, it comes down to his word against yours. It's simple for the management to side with him- he's been here longer. This isn't nice, but it's real life. If you get him on board and create a charter to improve services, you can always fall back on "we've told management that we are looking to offer a professional level of services. This falls under this category as we agreed upon." It's a simple life hack/parenting hack/people 'manipulation' hack: It's hard to blame YOU when it's not YOU saying no. Protect yourself by implementing policy!

Get this guy on your side even if it means that you get on his side at first. Figure out what's going on in his head, what you have to do to get him to see eye to eye, and realize you're not always right. Once you've opened up a candid channel of discussion, figure out what you can mutually agree upon to improve, and make it a contract between you two. This is much more successful if everyone has a reason to make it succeed (stakeholding). Implement policy, be tough, change hurts. Fall back on policy if you need to defend your position.
yea isnt it? all i want to do is do a good job, and this guy is making it difficult for his own agenda.

its tough to talk to him. every conversation with him is him telling me what to do, when to do it, and whenever i even suggest something, etc he immediately shoots me down. he acts like his is the final say. if you like maybe i can post some texts he sent me. too bad i cant post phone conversations. i dont think you quite get the whole picture of how this guy works. i have tried listening to him, agreeing to what hes said even though it doesnt make sense. and he just keeps going on his highway. no stop signs or anything. i should give you his number.

as for getting him on board. i dont know how to go about doing this. he tells me we need to sit down and talk, then avoids me. wtf??? and when i do talk to him he refuses to listen at all, and just basically says "no we are doing it my way. thats it. done". literraly. thats what he says.

so yea back to my question. how do i approach mangaement to implement policy/ services to benefit members. i dont think he wants any part of that. his words and actions show as much. think about it. if he really cared, i wouldnt be making this thread.

i know i am not always right. this was all because i wanted to help out the members. the fact that i am unable to do something so simple as buying some tubing i think reveals his character.
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