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It still sounds like you're viewing this in a very adversarial tone. I understand if it feels like you're being treated unfairly, but IMO direct communication is the way to go here. If he leaves gut jobs for you, ask him if you should be expecting to do most of the gut jobs. If it's simply a risk/pain in the butt for him to work with gut due to the delicate nature, he might just prefer to let you deal with the liability, especially if you're on the hook for a ruined set. You're the low guy on the totem pole, this is normal It's similar to giving the intern the job that needs to get done but no one wants to do. Don't worry about this one too much.

Ask/tell him quite frankly that you'd like to improve communication between you two, and if there's any issues to please contact you first so you can improve the teamwork aspect. Get him to take ownership of the relationship, ask him to guide you as he's been there longer. Even if there's no technical skills you can learn, he's probably got a FEW protips that he can help you with. Build a relationship here, don't burn bridges. If there's anything that he discusses with you that is NOT shop policy, you have every right to go to management. This, OR you can discuss that you're willing to support it and keep things between you two, but you'd be more comfortable if there was a policy in place so you have something to fall back on if anything goes wrong. This provides safety for everyone, INCLUDING him. You can "back each other up" here. Back to the bumper guard example: He doesn't do replacements, so he tells customers that the shop wont' offer that service. Someone comes to talk to you, and you say "sure!" You undermine his authority here, and it's no surprise that he's giving you a cold shoulder. This is like a cunning kid asking Mom for ice cream for dinner, getting a no, and going straight for the sucker-dad. You need to work together, and if he's still giving you a hard no, find a way to get him on board, even if it's switching the subject to "I think these services would increase our revenue. I remember you telling me you wanted to make a ton of money, and I think this is an easy way for us to do that without having to pay anything out of pocket." It's just people management/strategy. If NOTHING else, and you continue to find this guy adversarial, you can practice your people skills on him

oops didnt see this.

are you serious??? i understand the intern thing, but this is not an internship, and as far as management have made it clear we are on the same level. i am not lower than him. i dont like you pointing out his actions being ok because hes been there longer. so i guess those GM guys that went bankrupt was ok because they been doing the same thing for 100yrs. seniority is a huge obstacle to progress if you ask me. i am all about real contributions, not seniority. i thought you would be on the same side on this. interesting.....

and beside that, it makes no sense. say a customer needed a gut job same day. by your logic hes going to tell them "oh me and zapvor discussed it and hes the only person that strings gut, so come back tomorrow"

is this what you want to hear at the doctor/dentist/auto shop/ tennis warehouse??? "oh i am not in this dept, not my problem. come back when josh is back from vacation he can help you"

edit-ok my post sounds very harsh. i dont mean it to sound that way. up to now you have been really helpful so your post here kind of threw me off with the logic
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