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Lightbulb GET the Flu shot. Don't be a silly layman

Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
No flu shot for me, 51 years and counting. No flu either.

I'm with WildVolley. If you tell me you have a vaccine for a disease but you aren't sure what strain will strike me, you're using "guesswork," your guesswork is only about 50% effective when most other vaccines are 90% effective, I have to get it every year, yet you don't understand *why* it is less effective among the elderly, then I would send you away to do your homework before I let you stick a needle in my arm.
Get the flu shot, maybe it is too late this year. but for sure, every year get it please. and Discard that article from Washington post. Stop reading articles from these news agencies because it is written for layman.
GET the flushot. It is Effective. Not 100 % effective but it is Effective. It is Impossible to match 100 % of the strains out there but actually this year was better than other years in effectiveness.
It is MUCH MUCH better than not getting it. especially for older folks. Fraile elderly can get super-infections on top of Flu and can die. Anyway to lower the risk of Flu is Better than none.
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