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Originally Posted by J_R_B View Post
The real question is, if he self-rates for adult, regardless of whether he appeals down to 4.0 or not, do the two matches played last year count toward a dynamic rating? In other words, he should have some kind of dynamic rating from the two adult matches, so if he plays one more adult match, do those three adult matches then generate a YE C rating and therefore bypass the mixed results that generated a 4.5M rating? If so, even if he tries to appeal and is denied, he could conceivably sign up for 4.5 adult, play one match and get thrashed (he would even have to throw it - he's not a 4.5 player...), and hope that the three adult matches override the mixed ratings and bump him back down to 4.0.
Great question and one I don't have the answer for nor have I seen folks speculate on the answer. So hopefully someone will in response to this!

My assumption has been that the 2 matches from last year don't count and he really starts this year with a new self-rating, i.e. no dynamic rating. But I could be wrong.

A similar question is, once you have a YE C rating, do you start the next year with that rating alone or does your history (past 3 dynamic ratings) carry over for averaging purposes to calculate your new rating? I've also assumed the history doesn't carry over but could be wrong here too.

Answers or educated guesses welcome.
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