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Originally Posted by jerryjones1960 View Post
So I'm a Tennessee grad that lives in North Caorlina and a 4.0 player. I've been to a few matches and I realize in college tennis there is a lot of yelling and tight calls. Last weekend I took my 2 kids to go watch the Tenn/Duke match. They had a good crowd, maybe 300/400 people and it was pretty loud. There were some bad calls but the Tennessee coaches were whining about everything. It was pretty bad. It was a fun match so I decided to take my kids to go watch Tenn play Wake Forest on Sunday. We got there after the doubles and again there were about 300/400 people there, pretty loud as well. The Tennessee coaches again were talking to the umpires a lot. The match got close and the Wake player served for the team match at 5-3 in the third. At that point it got out of hand. The Tennessee assistant coach started making choking gestures at the Wake player and the umpire had to warn him. Tennessee won the match and after it was over the Tennessee assistant ran by the crowd, myself and my 2 kids included (me wearing a Tennessee hat) and pumped his fist and said "go f yourselves". I couldn't believe it. Honestly I was ashamed to be a Tennessee alumni at that point and I really hope something is done about his behavior. Awful end to a great match.
You should write to the AD of Tennessee and tell him of your experience. That's despicable.
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