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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
I assume you already went to management about "him" take the tools with him. Are they his tools or the shop's? They should reimburse you for the proper tools you need to do your job. Though you should have tools your own so you can take them with you. Tools will get lost or misplaced on a shared machine.

At the most you spend $100 for materials and tools. $40 of that will go towards a starting clamp. $10 for a set of plyers and cutters. $10 for an Awl. Another $10-20 for tubing.
yea my first day i was confused. they are his tools. so thats fine. it just kind of shows how the place works becayse they had no idea. they did spend money to buy me new tools. the only thing was they gave the money to the stringer to buy, and he got these huge massive ones. so i ended up giving them to maintenance, since its company money afterall.

i bought my own tools finally. i do need a awl and clamp still. sigh. yea my pliers were $10
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