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Originally Posted by Rina View Post
The whole time he is serving he is thinking "I can't miss, I can't miss, my Dad is going to be so upset!" Or how he is going to have to write can't miss a serve million times? So, what do you think is making him miss it? He is not thinking about serving at all! It is perfectly normal to play at a lower level at a tournie, it takes a lot of matches to get over it. Sorry to say it, you are not helping it, you are making it worse. What you do in practice translates in a tournament, and if he was stressing on his own, now you added to it. Always tell him play the right way and if you lose even badly I am happy you played your game and stuck with it!
I didn't see it like that, agrh.
And you are right, he is still a little boy who like to please to his parent.
Sometime i ask him read this forum, I had to make him read what you just wrote.

Thank million time

I didn't make him write, it was just to make him try to fight his stress.
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