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Originally Posted by Carsomyr View Post
Even with the Masters (though it should be the one in January of the next year that reflects the "true" ranking of the previous year in retrospect), I don't think it's particularly close. While Connors won some big titles in '78, he also won some titles that aren't particularly impressive (e.g. Memphis, Birmingham, Stowe).
The likes of Stowe were average, true, but Memphis and the Birmingham grass court event Connors won in 1978 were decent enough, imo. Connors beat Raul Ramirez easily in three sets in a best of five final. Ironically Borg won the weaker Birmingham event earlier in the year that Jimbo usually won. Funny game.

Yeah, the Masters should always have been held in the same calendar year they pertained to.

I thought Connors had a good 78, one of his best, though I do give Borg the edge myself. It's close enough to be a talking point though or at least I hope so.
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