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Originally Posted by NouKy View Post
I didn't see it like that, agrh.
And you are right, he is still a little boy who like to please to his parent.
Sometime i ask him read this forum, I had to make him read what you just wrote.

Thank million time

I didn't make him write, it was just to make him try to fight his stress.
I see serve practice in two ways: physical practice and mental practice.

Physical practice is repetition to engrain correct technique. Make sure he is practicing his serve with perfect form, otherwise he is practicing bad habits that can let him down in a tournament. Don't "over practice" in terms of number of serves.

Mental practice is very important and should carry pressure and consequences, however I prefer positive consequences. Here are a couple things I do with my son, who is 10:

Give him scenarios: "you are up 40-30 on match point", and have him serve out the "fake" game. "You are down 30-40 break point, try and save it", etc etc. He enjoys the challenge of trying to win these "games".

Give him positive consequences: If you can hit 8 out of 10 serves three times in a row, you can choose where we go to eat. I've even put a $5 bill on the court and say it's yours if you can hit the next 5 serves.

Bottom line: positive pressure, not negative pressure. In tennis, there are no dire consequences when you lose, but only good ones if you win. It's a game after all.
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