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Originally Posted by corners View Post
Awesome John. What did you use for an easily movable 45g lump?

I wonder if you found 4&8 to equalize spin the most because of the headshape of the PSL, which kind of has a Volkl headshape, wider at 4&8 than most other frames. The only negative with mass at 4&8 is that it will tend to make the frame more powerful in the lower hoop, where it is already most powerful in stock form. I have always favored mass at 10&2 or higher as this will tend to equalize the power gradient of the frame and provide more pop on serve (which I tend to hit nearer the tip), in particular. But the positive of 4&8 is that it will raise the swingweight by a lesser amount that at 3&9 or higher.

It might take me awhile to get my experiment going as I'm taking my time in choosing the right platform frame, of which I'd like to get two so that I can make on-court comparisons. But thanks for the encouragement.
I used two metal cycling cleats attached with strong, small width tape. So that the tape fits between the strings, around the frame. I moved both up and down by feel. I was worried if I put it to 10 and 2, the swingweight would be too high, but I might do that tomorrow, just to check whether it alters anything unexpected.

Could you, BTW, maybe explain to me what the reasoning is for wanting the upper part of head to be more powerful? I would say that in a normal groundstoke, the higher rackettipspeed would make up for that. Or is that also a matter of finding the right massgradiŽnt to even things out?
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